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December 2020

Around the World Christmas Party

We celebrated the holiday season with an “Around the World Christmas Party”. Each family creatively provided a virtual background and dressed to represent the foreign country of their choosing. Each family introduced the culture they represented as well as described how that culture celebrated Christmas. We enjoyed treats from around the globe and shared our own family’s traditions. 

2020 JJ Christmas party.jpeg

November 2020

“Politics for Kids”

Groups 2 and 3 met with some of Anchorage’s elected officials and learned about the electoral college and governing.


November 2020

Anchorage Chapter Moms volunteered at the polls in our community and filmed a video to encourage

others to vote.


October 2020

Jack and Jill Academy

Groups 2 and 3 learned lifesaving skills at the 2nd Annual Jack and Jill Medical Academy. They earned CPR certification after completing training and demonstrating skills. They also used various energy sources to practice surgical cutting and cauterizing and also learned suturing techniques used by surgeons. 


Group 1 participated in the Jack and Jill Medical Academy- mini edition and virtually put together a life size skeleton. Each child received their own stethoscopes and learned how to listen to their parent’s heartbeat and breath sounds. Finally, the children used bandages to wrap the wrists and ankles of their parents.

Reagan at JJ Med Academy.jpeg
Dr. Winter JJ Med Academy.jpeg

October 2020

Eight mothers and two teens from the Anchorage Chapter attended this year’s Super AWD. Both seasoned and new mothers gained extensive knowledge in learning how to athe mission of Jack and Jill. Anchorage congratulates Aaron Richard for placing third in the NAWD oratorical contest.

Oct 2020 JJ AWD.png

September 2020

Carole Robertson/ Jack and Jill Day

Carole Robertson/Jack and Jill day was a combined day of service, celebration, and commemoration. Together our families cleaned the Awanis Fish Creek park which was previously adopted by the Anchorage chapter and is situated within a minority community. Following the park cleaning, our kids from all age groups gave a presentation on the history of Carole Robertson and Jack and Jill. 

Jack and Jill Day sign.png
IMG_6158 (1).jpg
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