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Dedicated to programming through and through. Let's look back at the dynamic year of 2023 so far. Join us as we reflect on the meaningful community-driven initiatives and immersive experiences that have shaped the identity of the Jack & Jill Anchorage Chapter. 

July 2023

Our Chapter President Shayné Wright and Regional Treasurer Janese Richard proudly represented our small but mighty chapter at the 33rd Biennial Mothers' Regional Conference hosted by the Oakland Bay Area chapter. We're thrilled to have won 1st place for 2022's Best of the Best in Programming and received 2nd place for small chapter 2023 Foundation Contribution. Held at the stunning Hyatt Ziva in Los Cabos, Mexico, this conference was a true celebration of community and achievement.

May 2023

Embracing unity and heritage at Black Family Day, hosted by the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Our visit showcased rich traditions, from traditional living quarters to intricate tribal art. Canoes, dream catchers, and exquisite handmade jewelry added to the experience, celebrating culture and community.

April 2023

Anchorage Chapter's Adventure at Children's Cluster! We had a fantastic time being hosted by the Seattle Chapter. Connecting with fellow chapters is always a delight, and the workshops were nothing short of amazing. From engaging singing bowl classes to insightful sessions, we left inspired and connected. And, of course, no trip to Seattle is complete without a Starbucks stop! 

March 2023

Jack & Jill Anchorage Science Learning & Experiment Day was a blast! 🌟 We had a day filled with hands-on science activities, fun experiments, and exciting discoveries. It was a fantastic time igniting young minds and inspiring the scientists of tomorrow! 🔬🚀🌡️


February 2023

Empowering learning moments at our very own Jack & Jill Medical Academy! Our younger participants delved into our unique "Skills Lab." From engaging games like identifying organs and x-rays to mastering injection techniques, our enthusiastic attendees shone brightly. They even excelled at AED Monitor demonstrations on infant mannequins! A day filled with impactful learning did not stop there. The older group embraced the world of surgical skills, from incisions to sutures, staples to blood drawing. The excitement continued with lessons in CPR, radio frequency machines, and of course, some enjoyable games!

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